Anuja combines Functional and Ayurvedic Medicine to offer her clients a personalised, integrative and holistic approah to their health. 

Anuja's journey into healthcare has been a natural progression of her inquisitive mind into the workings of the human body. She began her journey with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience. Whilst she was fascinated by the workings of the human mind she was left unsatisfied with the ever changing face of science. This led her to pursue her ancestral roots, a BA in Ayurvedic studies. Graduating with a 1st Class Anuja set up her first clinic over 15 years ago. As she saw client after client she realised she wanted to offer more. She wanted to bring precision into the clinic and she wanted to offer protocols that were relevant to her Western Clients.  

When Anuja discovered Functional Medicine, she finally felt that she had found the bridge between science and tradition that she had been looking for. Functional Medicine supported all the principles of Ayurveda that she practised and offered the evidence based perspective she had been looking for. 

The science had evolved to support the ancient wisdom that Ayurveda offered; that diseases often began in the gut, the need for personalised approach,  the importance of diet and lifestyle and that our body, mind and spirit are inteconnected. 

A Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner with a Distinction in Nutritional Therapy, and a Yoga teacher,  Anuja combines all disciplines to offer clients a complete, holistic protocol to long term wellness. 





Dr. Charles Smith


Dr. Olivia Bayne






'...Anuja has helped me with digestive problems, fatigue and conception. Anuja looks at the whole picture - diet, lifestyle, mental health, exercise and spirituality. Her apporach is to educate the client so I am now armed with the knowledge to recognise when my body is getting out of balance...'

Arti Kakkad

'Over the years I have seen countless Drs and therapists for Ulcerative Colitis, Fatigue and Migraines all to no avail. I was fortunate to meet Anuja who was able to diagnose the root cause of my problem. Her knowledge and expertise is vast mathced by the enormous passion she has for helping people...'


' I had started to experience a number of digestive symptoms that were troubling me, however I was unable to find the cause of them. Anuja was able to identify where the problem was coming from and following her personalised protocol of diet, herbs and meditation I feel better than ever before. '

Sarah Davidson



Health History Consultation 60 - 90 minutes

This Health History consultation is an opportunity for you to share your health concerns and goals.

Often clients have been passed from specialist to specialist and they simply need someone to listen to their whole story. For them to have the time to explain what they feel maybe going on. During this 90 minute appointment you are given the space to speak openly and discuss your concerns. 

Prior to the appointment you will be sent a Health Questionnaire which you are required to complete and return no later than 48 hours prior to the appointment. You are also requested to send any recent lab work. Anuja will spend time reviewing this information prior to your meeting and ask any further questions to clarify any concerns during the appointment. 

She will also explain her thoughts behind what she feels is causing your symptoms and the interplay of the different body systems which maybe at play. During this time Anuja will also explain how she intends to support you and some of the key areas she will be working on.

During this time you will also be asked to explain your personal goals and any concerns you may have. 

At the end of the session you will make the decision whether or not you would like to continue on working together and embark on an initial 3 month healing journey together. Anuja will email you a report of your session together. If you agree to work together she will send you initial steps to begin your program prior to your first session together. 

Your Program 6x45 minute sessions in 12 weeks

Following on from your health history consultation Anuja will put together your personalised treatment program taking your health goals into consideration. The program will be staged in an easy an accessible way allowing you to implement the different suggestions into your lifesyle to ensure that the changes are long lasting to offer you the best results. 

  • Email access to clarify your program at anytime throughout your 3 month program

  • Detailed out of clinic research into your specific case and requirements - this includes analysis of any test results.

  • Educational Handouts - You will be given plenty of support to implement your health program and this will include a range of handouts

  • Introduction to new foods to support your health

  • Introduction to tools to support your mental health including meditation tips

  • Understanding of your doshic imbalances

  • Introduction to imbalances within your chakras and how to support them 

  • Herbal remedies

  • Introduction to Vedic astrology if required - especially useful if dealing with mental health concerns and fertility related issues

  • Personalised Yoga program (if relevant to your concerns)

  • 15% Discount at the Natural Dispensary for supplements

The Functional Medicine Model is based on a communicative, interactive relationship between the practitioner and client. The Wellness Journey involves small bite sized recommendations at each step, ensuring they form long term habits. This helps pave the way not only to be free from ill health but to reach your optimal state of wellness.

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